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يوتوبيا للسياحة الالكترونية


UTOPIA e-Tourism

اسم الشركة : يوتوبيا للسياحة الالكترونية

العنوان : 100 ش سليم الأول - أمام مستشفى القوات المسلحة للعظام -حلمية الزيتون

الهاتف : 0020226331989

فاكس : 0020226331989

ملاحظة : Utopia e-Tourism is a Hotel and Resort e-Tourism Company developed to assist your business generates more direct online reservations. Our main target in Utopia e-Tourism is to generate more bookings and motivate tourism into Egypt targeting the international market which includes (Russian, Spanish, British, Canadian, American, and Middle East markets) where we have agents in each of them, in addition to the local Egyptian market. Utopia website is a new star rising in the field of e-Tourism; it’s a social network for both Hoteliers and Tourists at the same time. Also, our website will support the overview process of your hotel to enable users to review the hotels, put their feedback, comments & share on building the overall recommendation percentage for each hotel. e-Tourism has shown a great success in the Europe countries in the past few seasons, in the other hand still in Egypt we don't use it a lot & we don't give it good care. At Utopia e-Tourism we believe a Resorts website should be the centerpiece of its online distribution channel. We believe a Resorts website should sell more accommodation than any other channel! If it doesn't, then we would love to work with you to fix this. Utopia e-Tourism also provides Hotels web design, search engine optimization, Hotels e-Marketing, Resort Photography, Hotels Videos and Presentation Production, Social Media Marketing & Online Reservations. So, whether you are a tourist or a hotelier Utopia was built to assist you.






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